How to create a top down OKR Tool?

I want to make a system where each slider on the individual goal level moves the team goals slider a forward and that team slider moves the corporate slider forward a bit.

Any suggestions

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Great question @Curtis_Smith! Scoring cascading OKRs is definitely a challenge when it comes to goal-setting. See the example below where you can score individual OKRs and they cascade up to the team/company. At each level, the score is between 0 and 10.

Amazing! Thank you very much.

Side question:

How do you make sure blank cards populate that don’t necessarily have cards in them?

Can you show an example of what you mean?

Sure so I want to show candidates across stages but if there isn’t a candidate in one of the stages, the Kanban board won’t appear.

Gotcha, so this is a small trick with managing your “grouped by” columns. Steps to get this to work:

  1. Switch your “Stages View” kanban board back to a table layout (you will see your stages grouped along the top)
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow in the stages column.
  3. Click on “Arrange and manage groups.”
  4. Under “Group options,” select the “Show all groups” radio button.
  5. Switch the layout of your “Stages View” back to a kanban layout

This thread shows the menu options even though the thread is actually about an improvement to the “Arrange and manage groups” feature :grinning:.

So you HAVE noticed my thread :wink: Still patiently awaiting the feature…

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I found your thread only after searching the community for it :slight_smile:. Will log your request with the product team!