How to create Alias for dropdown menu item in

So i want to create alias for dropdown menu item in my table, is that possible?

In a column i have dropdown menu for choosing number from a list, and i want to create alias for that number so i don’t need to remember each persons number.

Hi Matej,

yes it is possible.

Please see the example here:


Thanks @Piet_Strydom. Can you explain little bit more about how you did it, or give me access to some of your docs?

Im quite new in Coda, and can’t really understand what’s going on on image.

HI Matej

There is a link to page "Lookup 3 - Key and Description - Rambling Pete’s Quick Examples in my post above.

The screen shot I posted was created from the info on that page. There is also an explanation.


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What @Piet_Strydom has done in his example is create 2 tables;

  • Journal Postings
  • GL Accounts

and in the Journal Postings table he has a column Account that is a LOOKUP column-type, that does a lookup on the table GL Accounts (see below)


This means that when you enter values for a row in Journal Postings, the Account column will display a drop-down menu of all the GL Accounts for the user to select one. So now the cell Account contains a LINK to the selected row in GL Accounts and we can use that LINK to grab other values from the selected account. You can see its a LINK to another row because it is displayed in a ‘chip’ or pill-shaped-outline.

When you select one, the next column in Journal Postings; Account Number uses the formula…

  • Account.Account Number

to grab the account number from the selected GL Accounts row (see below)

Then the next column Account Description uses the formula

  • Account.Account Description

to grab the description of the selected account as well.

This is the standard way of implementing LOOKUPs from one table to another.



Thank you very very much! I got it! :star_struck:

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