How to directly switch another doc?

Right now, if I wanna switch to another docs, we have to click " see all docs" , and then click target docs.

Well, is it possible show the docs list on the “see all docs” place for directly switching ?

fav docs list, stared docs list, all docs list , recently docs list , whatever it’s ok.

Or able to switch 3 Columns layout , 1st column is all docs list (Tree model), 2nd is docs , 3rd is editor .



Hey Steve, thanks for the suggestion! This is something we’ve talked about in the past and are doing some explorations around. Hope to have something for this soon but no timeline at the moment.

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Okay. I just let coda team know it, and I know it’s the low priority.

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I too would like to have the ability to switch more easily between docs. Maybe take each starred doc and create tabs along the top with those starred docs. Use the icon and name of doc within each clickable tab

I agree. I’m in one doc and wanna quickly switch to another…

“Cmd - k” or “Cmd - space” such a shortcut would be great. Notion has it too afaik.