Quick open / switch documents

Hi, maybe this is already answered elsewhere, but… We basically have one document per project and often jump between documents.

Would it not make sense to have the “workspace home screen” in a widget in the left sidebar instead of a link back to it? It’s not exactly a smooth experience to go back to the workspace to switch between documents :wink:

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How do others switch between documents? You go back out to the workspace?

This is great feedback and something that we experience ourselves.

We have been working on navigation within the doc to better structure where things are and also to open up some room for more improvement. I can’t say if this will be something that ends up with a new structure, but it’s noted and discussed for sure.

Here are some of the in-doc navigation changes we’ve made recently…

So we’re definitely exploring options. We’re also keeping the doc list in mind.

I just load multiple docs in separate tabs :man_shrugging:
Is this somehow a problem for you @Stefan_Singer?

Yeah the in-document improvements you’ve made lately have not gone unnoticed, I really dig them! I just wish I could jump between the documents in the workspace with less friction now :wink:

Den ons 13 maj 2020 20:15Ben Lee via The Coda Community <coda1@discoursemail.com> skrev:

Yes, otherwise I would. I don’t tend to keep all projects I might need to visit open. Most my other project related software has got an “reopen recent files” menu etc, and I use it. I get that others might not :slight_smile:

Den ons 13 maj 2020 20:58Paul Danyliuk via The Coda Community <coda1@discoursemail.com> skrev:

Opening multiple docs is just a short term workaround. It isn’t the perfect user experience unless we can

  • either navigates docs easily
  • or there’s a way to connect data between docs (cross-doc not powerful enough).