How to disable the pop-ups announcing a certain pack's trial has ended?

This is driving me nuts, as every single time I open a doc, I have to hide these annoying pop-ups telling me a certain pack’s trial has ended.

Does anyone know how I can disable these notifications for good?

Every time I open a comment from my email, this gets on the way.

I understand it’s for upselling purposes, but really… it cannot be more annoying.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Filipe_Goncalves and welcome to the Coda-Community.

I think there is no way to disable it. At least, I have never seen anything like that.


Hi Jannis,

Thanks for the effort.
The customer support team advised me to disabled the pack in the document.

Apparently this will stop bothering me. Funny how I could not see the three dot hanging there :sweat_smile:


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