How to do an automatic column fill

Does anyone have a solution for the following:

I have a lot (and I mean really a lot) of lookup tables (relation), and they become hard to manage. I have followed different paths to create some order - I have worked with Select list options, and even though you can separate different groups of selectable items in different columns, it is not quite as handy as using the display column for looking up items. But since there is only one display column per table, you end up with all these tiny tables.
I am not sure the overhead of many small tables is bigger than one larger table (anyone?), I find one larger table easier to maintain - and it works easier at design time.
In the setup below I have got it working with one lookup table for different lookup categories, except for one thing: I frequently like to allow for quick adding items. My lookups (in the test table) are filtered and I like for the quick add to fill the category column when I quick add a new item.
If I leave the SelectableOptions table filtered, say to color, this works just fine and a new color will automatically have option ‘color’ in the category column, perhaps based on the filter setting in the relation column where the new item is added?
But I can’t leave this table in filtered state, so I must find another way to do that. Can it be done?

Hi Joost,

In the setup below

Did you mean to past in an image or something?

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