Automatically add filtered value when quick adding to relation table that has filters

It would be cool if the filtered values were automatically added to new items in a table that uses filtered views when doing a quick add. Note that filtered values automatically apply when adding rows to a filtered table view. This is only for the quick add from a relation.

Sometimes I will have table relations with a checkbox filter from a list in the other table. I love the ability to dynamically add a new row straight from the relation. However, when adding this, the new value won’t show up in this table until I’ve gone into the newly created row and applied the relevant option value. I think it would be handy to have those filtered values automatically applied if possible.

I’m hoping the screenshot will show the idea and value.

The table is filtering for Option 1 in the relation column. If I added a new value on the spot with something like “Four”, then it would be added. However that “Four” won’t show up in the table since the filter on the column will instantly exclude it.

Hello @Alex3
What you are asking does not seem to be not very logical (nor practical), why have a lookup (relation) column if you want to preset the value. But, if this is what you want to do, use the "value for new rows option. It can be overwritten if you decide to use another value.

There are more ways to preset the value of a column - I generally use a button to add new rows and in the add() you can preset column values.

Hi @joost_mineur,

Thanks for the feedback and that totally makes sense. I haven’t played much with buttons, so might give that a try as well. Can close this one off if that’s possible.