How to filter GitHub issues based on labels

When getting GitHub issues, I would like to exclude the issues which have the label starting with “deleted”.

But I am not sure how to write the formula for this rule.

I guess the answer would be the formula like ‘Not(StartsWith(?label_value?, “deleted”))’

How to indicate the label value in the formula?


hi @Changjun_Lim

if you mean by exclude to filter out, you might consider something als the below:

If(thisRow.[Column 2].Find("deleted")="1",True(),False())

best, Christiaan

Thanks for answering.

Like your answer, I can have same result by filtering issues after getting all issues from GitHub.

But I want to know how to write the formula criteria on labels for GitHub pack in order to exclude the issues with specifc labels when getting issues from GitHub.

okay, you work with the Pack, I do not use these packs
instead I use Zapier and via Path you can define the info you want to collect, I do not think you can do this in a Coda Pack.
best, christiaan