How to find out total values from 2 different tables

I have inventory and sales reports coming from Amazon and Shopify (csv files). And the SKU names on one channel would be the same on the other, and both would have the same “units sold” and “inventory count” columns.

Is there a way on Coda to find out the total “units sold” and “inventory count” for each SKU for both channels? :pray:t3: On excel i think you’d do SUMIF.

Each sales channel has different sorting order, and we have a few SKUs that are exclusive to certain channels, e.g. Shopify exclusive.

Here’s an example of what the reports would look like.

Could you share a copy, or anonymized copy of your doc.

We do not know whether you have the information in different tables, whether you have a product table, etc.

All of these will influence how the answer is achieved.


Hi @Piet_Strydom here’s an example of the reports. You can see that

  • Amazon has some SKUs that Shopify doesn’t, and vice versa
  • The sorting order is also different

I’m on my phone, so will just explain.

My approach would be to have a separate product table. This table will have a column with a formula that takes the thisrow.product, goes to each of the sales channel tables, and filter() for the product and sum the entries.

It will not matter in which way the channel tables are sorted. (Unlike Excel :wink: )


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