How to get AI to provide unique idea results in an existing table?

Hi there! I’m working on an AI-powered recipe finder. I’m having trouble getting results into a table in the way I’d like.

The inputs include a reference table of ingredients, plus several controls with other parameters (allergens, dietary restrictions).

I would like the output to be new rows in an existing table, with each row generating a unique recipe idea. The reason for an existing table and not a new table is because I want to include other columns with buttons etc.

I’ve tried this from two directions:

1) Use an AI block to generate the ideas. This does a good job of following my prompt, but I can’t figure out how to then add the list of ideas to my existing table. To solve this way, how could I add these to the table “Recipe Ideas”?



2) Use an AI column in the table to generate the ideas. However, when generating row-by-row, the AI tends to create repetitive answers, whereas when creating a list as a whole, it has good variety. To solve this way, how could I change the prompt to generate variety in results (like the AI block), either by checking against existing results or by generating the whole list at once and then entering one result into each row?


Results (spiced everything!)

Here is a copy of my working doc:

Thanks so much!

Based on number 1 you can:

  1. Ask it to format it into a JSON object at the end of your prompt.
  2. Parse the JSON using this formula: ParseJSON([YOUR-AI-BLOCK-NAME].ToText(), “[KeyName]”).Split(‘,’). Make sure its in a on page formula or table column you can reference.
  3. Go through the list and run the add row formula for each row.

suggestedRecipeList ,
SuggestedRecipes, SuggestedRecipes.Name, CurrentValue

This loops through each idea, adds it as a row and updates the name to the current idea we are looping through.

Happy to chat further in private DM or on a quick call if you need further assistance: 30 Min Meeting | Harry Roper |

Screens of my setup:

Hi Harry, thank you! I will try this out when I get a chance and see how it goes

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@Harry_Roper thanks again for this – I have a few followup questions. So what would I use as the key name in the ParseJSON? Should I be adding a name to the list within the AI block and then referencing that?
Where does the ParseJSON live - does it matter if it’s on page or in a table column if eventually I want the items in a table?
Where does the FormulaMap live – on the button I’m using to add rows to the table? Or do those need to be in the same place?

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Hey Katy, I’ve posted a solution in this doc for you:

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I got this to work – thanks so much for your help!

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