Turning AI-Generated results to structured rows in related column

Hi all,

I want to take AI-Generated results in list format from Table A in a “Relationship” column (e.g. “Scenarios”) and convert them to multiple rows in the Scenarios (Table B) table. Right now it creates one row with all the bullets. I want to those to be broken down into multiple rows. How can I do that?

A video is worth a 1000 word description!

Let me know if this helps

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Awesome Scott. This really helped me out. I suppose I can use some sort of automation to do this automatically based on that button.

The next thing I want to try and do is to ensure that the AI checks for existing items first in Table B to tag the content with, before it extracts new ones. Maybe I can do that with a prompt. I will try it out and post an updated question, but if you have a short answer/guidance, let me know.

Thanks again. You are trully a community champion.

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