How to get automations to run at the end of the day 11:59pm

I am using an automation to stamp values from a table that is reflecting today()'s work. As soon as the clock strikes tomorrow the values will all change. The data is accumulating such that the later the snapshot, the more accurate it is.

So the later the automation the better. Right now I’m having it take hourly snapshots and then keeping the last() one. Anyone have an optimization strategy to get the latest in the day as possible for an automation?

Hello @Johg_Ananda !
Can you describe how the values will all change ?
Because you could set an automation after 11:59 PM to make sure it runs after the day is fully over and filter your values by Modified On or Created On to keep only the ones you are interested in ?
If your values change before and affect these 2 properties, maybe you could update all the values at the end of this automation ?

Hi @Martin_Portevin yes I am aware of this idea, that’s why I referenced today() - because the data being populated is based on filters using today() so once the clock goes into the next day all the dat immediately changes and is no longer accurate. Make sense?

Hi @Johg_Ananda
may be have a look to @Leandro_Zubrezki’s work here … ?




Make sense.
+1 on trying @Quentin_Morel solution before thinking about something that might change all your data structure :slight_smile:


My man @Leandro_Zubrezki with all the packs I need!! Shout out to the Stripe Pack, extend Coda with Stripe | Coda

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