How to get Full Day Google Cal Events to show up in Table View?

I can create a calendar view using the Google Calendar Pack and everything looks correct. But when I shift it to a table view, I lose the All Day event from Thursday. My grouping is by Start Date, which I realize is likely my issue (since my Thursday event is not the start date but rather the middle of its duration). How do I get the All Day event on Thursday to show up in the table view as well?


Hey @Coby_Cotton yeah you’re correct - the issue is a limitation with Coda’s grouping. Each event only shows up once in the pack table (including multi-day events). If you group by Start Date like you’ve done, multi-day events will unfortunately only show up on the day they start.

But I can totally see why you would want multi-day events to show up on all the days.

If you’re willing to get hacky, I have some ideas on how to make this work. Just a warning though, it’s not very elegant :upside_down_face: . You may take one look at my solution and decide it’s not worth it haha :point_down:

Either way, it was a great question and probably something we should just improve directly in the product. Let me know your thoughts!