Please don't show events that cross midnight as "all day" events at the top

Hi Coda! I have been a heavy user of the tool for the past few months and moved almost everything over and am a happy paying customer. However, there’s basically one tiny, tiny implementation detail that makes it so I have to do Coda->Google Sheets sync.

The issue is that I use Coda to do event management and scheduling including managing volunteers and performer schedules. For both of these, it’s necessary to visualize the slots available and/or let volunteers put their names in the slot available in a calendar view. All of this is easily accomplished with calendar view except…our events always cross over midnight and Coda handles even a one hour 11:30pm-12:30am as an “all day” event that sits wayyyy at the top.

My request is to either show/split the box across the days (maybe with a dashed line at each end) or to allow us to specify in the view options when the beginning and end of the day should be.

This is probably not big on other people’s lists but it’s a BIG issue for event use cases and I’m literally exporting to Google Sheets just to get a calendar-like/grid view.

Thank you!