How to get modified section?

It says on Modified() (

A Coda object. This includes tables, views, columns, rows, sections, and docs.

How do I use/get the section object? and is there a folder object?

Hi @Roar_Gjovaag

This is the location when you add a new column you can select the type and at the bottom you will find the property you are looking for :bulb:

Hopeful I have been putting you in the right direction :arrow_double_up:

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But I am not finding this context meny. Added a new column and pressed the dropdown for “format as” Am I looking in the wrong place?


You get this menu ONLY when you open a new column with the “+”

Of course you can also add a formula to an existing column property to get the same info


The formulas you will be able to find here:

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Never noticed the “+” at the right side when making a new table. :man_facepalming:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I`m still in the dark on how to find the Section object?

Maybe i wasn’t clear on my reason for wanting the section object. and it`s modified date.

My objective is to add a changelog to each section; where data about what and when is have changed.


With credits to @Krunal_Sheth

To my opinion this post will give you a proper method to keep track on history :brain: