"Last modified" for single section

I have a workbook doc that contains a few sections with only text. In each of those sections, I want to add a timestamp to see when each of these sections where modified in any way. I want a text string that looks something like this:

"Last modified by "


  • Adding thisDocument.Modified() seems to apply to the while doc
  • I don’t seem to be able to add any filter() to target just one section
  • There’s no thisSection formula

Any other idea if how I can solve it?

Hi @Johan_Lantz, welcome :handshake:

Does this make sense

It does, but it seems like it only applies to tables. The content I wanna “watch” for modifications are just plain text in bullet lists that are not contained in a table.

Hello @Johan_Lantz,

It looks like documentation points to the fact that you can point to any Coda object, including a section, but if you actually point to a section, the resulting error seems to omit “Section” (or “Canvas”) as an allowable object. I presume this is a bug in implementation or error documentation, thanks!



Dear @Bobby_Ritter, thanks for your input

@mallika, would you check if it’s a bug or the explanation text needs to be updated? Thank you :handshake:

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@Bobby_Ritter Correct, that’s the documentation that I looked at. It looks indeed as there a missmatch between the documentation and the output…