Subtitle to automatically show when a Page was last updated

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We’ve recently updated some of our company policies, which we have in a Coda doc. I wanted to reflect which had been updated more recently, so added a Subtitle to each Page to indicate the month and year it had been updated:


It would be great if it was possible to add this automatically – an optional Subtitle or similar that indicated when a Page had last been modified. This would be useful for policies like this, as well as blog posts, and a number of other docs.

I looked at using the Modified() function, but it wouldn’t work – it seems like it’s not possible to use that with a Page right now, according to:

It also seems like it’s not possible to use functions in Subtitles?



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Unfortunately at the moment its not possible to do it in a simple way (like you can track for example updates on whole document).
You will probably have to go with some workarounds to achieve this.
It would be really nice if they could implement thisPage like you have thisDocument and thisRow. It will help a lot with tacking changes in Wikis and Knowledge bases, which came immediately to mind, there are other uses cases I am sure.

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