Modified and ModifiedBy() on Pages/SubPages

I wish to show on a Page/SubPage when and by whom the last update/modification to that particular page or subpage has been done. Modified() and ModifiedBy() seem to be just what I need, but I can’t seem to find anything other than tables in the list of Coda objects when trying to implement this. How can I call Modified() or ModifiedBy() on a Page/Subpage ?


From what I can tell there is not a way to reference a page in the Modified() or ModifiedBy() formula even though the formula documentation indicates that you can reference the page object:


I did a few searches of the community and I see that other users are requesting the ability to reference pages as objects so that leads me to believe that perhaps the formula documentation is not correct in listing pages as a valid object. Perhaps @Al_Chen_Coda might have some better insight?
The thread I am referencing is here:

That being said - I am sure there is a solution to achieve your desired results. Is it possible for your use-case to use a table for input instead of directly on the page? If so, you can track when the row of a table is modified and can reference that on the page itself.

I have a doc for a daily updates from my team (think SCRUM standup). They enter their responses on a table - I have formulas set up on a page to make things look nice and include the date/time they submitted their answers to me (along with a button to email the page to myself). I know I can reference the page object using the button that emails the doc to myself but can’t seem to get a page object to show up in the Modified() or ModifiedBy() formula.


This feature is on our roadmap! Currently you can’t reference a page in a formula (the exception being a button that can email out a page as @James_Eades pointed out). You can, however, reference thisDocument to see when the entire doc was last modified.


Thanks for the replies, I’m glad to hear it’s on the roadmap :smile:

I noticed that tables or thisDocument can be used, but unfortunately that still doesn’t quite work for us as we would like to use this feature to know who made the last changes to a certain page/subpage (and when). This is because we document a specific part of our code/data on a page or subpage, and they don’t necessarily contain any tables.
But the button thing might be useful in the meantime, though, so will look into that!

This is a bit of a “hack” that might possibly achieve what you are looking for:

The above example has a page set up with a table that has 3 columns and 1 row. The only visible row is for whatever content you would want to be edited and tracked by the other two (hidden) columns for Modified() and ModifiedBy()

The cell can be expanded to use Rich Text: Launched: Ability to expand cell for better writing

And buttons can be created to expand the cells if the keyboard and gui shorcuts are problematic:

Using this table method, you could even have multiple sections on a page that you can track history on.

I was wondering if pages and subpages have been added yet to the Coda objects that you can reference when utilizing Modified() or ModifiedBy() ?


Yes, this is my question as well. Did this just get forgotten?

@Al_Chen_Coda About 18 months ago you mentioned that this feature was on your roadmap. It would really help a lot my team. Can you share any visibility on when you’ll ship it? Thanks!

There’s no clear date for when this feature will be released, sorry I don’t have better news :pensive:.

@Al_Chen_Coda Is there some Feature Request where we could upvote it for a faster development?

Posting here in the community and asking about the feature in the support chat would be the best places to help get features more visibility!

So I am asking, +1 :smile:

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Hey @Adrian_Labecki - I have moved this to our Suggestion Box area. You and others may now upvote for this feature moving forward. Thanks!


Such a simple an obvious request and so simple to do.

The team and management anti-prioritizes anything having to do with pages even if the Dev effort is minimal.

2 years later and no update on a dev tasks of a couple of days at most.

+1 this is needed. We have many authors on our team and we would also like to be able to tell when a subpage has not been updated in a long time so it can be reviewed for accuracy/updates.


Woah there @Lewis_Levin and good news to @Chris_Diaz and everyone else in this thread! This feature is available now

Just use the Doc Explorer Pack!

Its Doc Tables sync table returns all the pages and sub-pages in a doc, when they were last modified, and who they were last modified by


I’ll give it a shot!

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I created the formula below to return Modified() date for sub-table data with the formula below. However, I am stuck trying to apply this same method to return ModifiedBy() for sub-table data. Is there a way to create a list of ModifiedBy(), but sort it by the Modified() date?
Scott’s pack looks like it solves the problem, but I am not on the Teams plan.

Formula to get last modified date for parent row and sub-table data.

FormulaMap([SubTable].filter([SubTable Row]=thisrow),CurrentValue.Modified()

There ever an official solution for this? I cant use the hacks above. Just need to know when a page was created.

Hey Tim,

Yes, Page History is in Beta now, would you like to give it a try?