How to have one field that's change automatically in multiple page?

How can I put a « merge field » in multiple page ? I give you an example.

I am the one who’s in charge of responding to every clients who asks us about emails and domains. In our guide, we talk about that in multiple pages. Can I replace one field in one page thats change every same merge field in other pages ?

I would like to be able to modify a field common to several pages without having to modify the field on all the pages where it is present.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Dear @Denislav_Nikolov, welcome to the community

As far as I understand your situation, you will need to create a table, let’s say on page 1 and when you create a view of the same table on page 2, on page 3…

You can filter these tables according your needs, hide columns and chance the view to a chart view, kanban view depending on the type of info and what information you expect.

Wherever you update info, this will then reflect in ALL the related tables, including the original.

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Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I have already tested the cross-doc and the views but what I am looking for is a simple “text” field.

For example: For all questions relating to invoicing, please ask “field”

Dear @Denislav_Nikolov,

It would be of great support if you could share a dummy sample doc, just to better understand what you are aiming for.

You mentioned also a “cross doc”, could you elaborate on it to make clear what you want to use it for?

Dear @Jean_Pierre_Traets, i finally found a solution, nothing to do with cross-doc, my mistake ! I created a table for each “skill” we have and i can refer to it with a Select formula :).

Thank you !

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