How to hide a row based on a status?

How to hide a row based on a status?

hi @Steve_Tularak , welcome to the commnity.

the easiest way is maybe to filter your table on this status, see below. I went for Birch as you can see.

hope it helps, christiaan

My apologies, I didn’t give near enough context to our needs / questions.

We have a table that is ordered (Numbered sequentially) and once we say take a column “status” to say “Completed” it no longer shows in that table.

This way it hides itself immediately as you set the status to “Completed” but the table continues with the rank order on the left (Numbered sequentially) leaving out the “Completed” items showing in the table due to setting status to “completed”.

Also, if you want you can find that item and flip it to be “In Progress” and then it would show back up in the number ordered table.

hi @Steve_Tularak ,

that is indeed an other question. First about the number logic. What about the logic you see below :arrow_heading_down:

It permits to adapt the number logic in relation to the item you filter on.

Once we have sorted this out, we have a look at other questions,

Cheers, Christiaan

We have a column called Rank (Priority)

Here is the formula for that Rank (Priority) column.

I am sorry, but I don’t understand your question.
@Piet_Strydom , do you see through?

Unfortunately me neither.

I see two topics

  • Sequence() a filtered view, which is the answer to the more detailed question.
  • I am not certain what the formula in the Rank (Priority) column is doing.


OK, I made a video to explain the ask much better. Thanks!

Hi Steve,

Thanks, the video helped a lot.

I think I have the solution for you here:

And a short explanation:


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Amazing Peit! Thanks for making your video. Let me study it more as I’m not connecting exactly what you did.

  1. Looks like you made a separate table to store the “complete” value which makes sense.
  2. You made a rank formula that correlates to the “View of Hiding rows” and I assume based on the “complete” value.
  3. We also have a rank that always keeps a consecutive number count no matter if you add or delete or insert it will just rank top to bottom starting with 1.

Our column formula for Rank(Priority)
thisTable.FormulaMap(if(CurrentValue = thisRow, 1, 0)).Find(1, 0)

The question I have given the formula we use not yours how should I best incorporate your View of hiding rows . name into our formula thisTable.FormulaMap(if(CurrentValue = thisRow, 1, 0)).Find(1, 0)?

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I tried this but I’m certain I have the syntax all goofed up.

I need to use my formula for ranking because it contains alternating colored rows.

This formula errors.
thisTable.FormulaMap(if(CurrentValue = thisRow, 1, 0)).Find(1, 0) [Hiding Rows (Design Tasks)].Status.Name="Completed"

Hi Steve,

A more detailed explanation:

Short version: replace “thisTable” in the formula, with the name of the view that excludes the completed rows.
thisTable.FormulaMap(if(CurrentValue = thisRow, 1, 0)).Find(1, 0)


Thank you, thank you Piet! :pray:

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Pleasure. I had great fun…

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