How to hide Navigation bar in Card/Detail View?

I thought there was a place in the layout setup to turn off the navigation bar??

So, I have a table for projects and another table for inspection questionnaire that is linked/filtered back to the projects table. I have a button to open a row in the project’s table (in card view). However, I can see at the bottom 1 out of 80, with the capability to scroll to other projects - which I don’t want.

Furthermore, after the user selects a project, the inspection questionnaire pulls up (in card view) just for that project. However, the user will need to select a button response as well as upload a picture to a question. Again, when I click on the question row to open, I see 1 out of 970, instead of 1 out 54 questions.

Is there a way to set this up? I don’t know if it’s a filter thing or a layout thing.


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Hey @Theresa_Aguilar! That’s not supported right now, but we’ve logged this feature request for you :smiley:

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