How to keep Date & Time in the calendar by click button?

Yesterday, I create a Habit tracking .

But today, I find problem.

The problem is that the Date & Time is disappeared in calendar when update the Date & Time in Table.
eg,Running task of date is 1/5, this time in the calendar, but the date is 1/6 , The Running task move to 1/6 in calendar. It’s disappeared in 1/5 .

This is my require result:

Thank you !

Hi @Steve_Yang,

For your settings in the calendar, you have the “Last Date & Time” column as the Start Date and Time for the calendar event. I you add a column that is the start, then you can use this for the finish date and time and it will show the span over the two days. You can do this, or show a start date and add a duration.

You can see the calendar settings here…


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Thank you so much !

I got idea and solution by your suggestion.

Last , hide “Created date”

Perfect !

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