Calendar view - no event edit capabilties if start and end date given?

Hi Codans,

wondering if what I encounter is a feature or a bug?

I have a calendar view of a table with tasks. These tasks have a start date, an end date, and a duration.
On the calendar view I cannot add, edit or delete any events if I configure the Calendar to use these start and end dates as the display values…Seems very odd and kind of makes the Calendar view a view-only thing as opposed to an interactive planning tool.

Would be good to know whether this is what I should experience? Thanks!

Calendar should let you edit events given that both Start Time and End Time, or Start Time and Duration (whichever you chose in your calendar settings) are editable, i.e. are not formulas.

So if you have Start Time and Duration as inputs, and End Time as a formula, make sure you’ve selected the first two fields in the calendar setup.

Thanks - it turns out that the problem was that I used calculated fields.