Getting date, time and datetime to be editable in both calendar and agenda view?

I’ve run into a bit of a headscratcher. perhaps someone has it solved?

I have a table of tasks. some tasks have a date associated in a datetime column. I want to view the tasks with a date in a calendar and a table, with the table being used as an agenda view. I’ve run into several issues with the datetime type. suggestions?

  • originally I had one date-time column. this is a problem in two ways:

    1. sorting in the agenda view is a mess. I want to group items by day, but as a datetime, time gets in the way of a clean grouping as having multiple different times on one day breaks the date-based grouping
    2. data entry is kludgy- I imagine that having separate date and time columns would be much faster
  • I tried splitting up the datetime into separate date and time columns using todate() and totime() which worked for sorting / grouping, but was not editable

  • I tried splitting up date and time into two columns then combining them with the todatetime() function which works for editing individually, but I believe will get me into problems with proper function of the calendar view as the datetime is a formula result and not editable.

is there some workaround which will let me edit date and time both as separate columns and as a combined column?