Remove time from some dateTime rows? (for Calendar view)

When viewing a row:

  • with a dateTime field
  • in calendar view

How to remove the time so that it appears in the All-Day section of the calendar?

note: It seems to default to “12:00am” or “2:00am” (12am in table view, 2am on calendar … I think because I am located in pacific time +2hours). But I’d rather it default to blank, so it would instead appear in the “all-day” section.

The goal is to have visual separation between “tasks” which can be completed anytime today, and “events” which must be completed at a specific time today.


You can accomplish this by adding another column that holds the date alone.

New column’s formula will be:

Full details on that truncate function here.

(Interestingly, it doesn’t matter whether this new column’s format is “Date” or “Date and Time”. I thought setting the column to date and just making the formula =dateStart would do the trick, but the event times get preserved deep inside somewhere).

If you’re not in Pacific time zone, this won’t work. You’ll need to adjust for your timezone so that you’re getting the events to land on 12:00:00 AM. If you were in Central time zone, your new column’s formula would instead be:

Drawback: you can’t drag and drop your events in calendar view using this approach.

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Actually I missed the bit about you wanting to have some tasks have times and some not have times. How do you want to differentiate these in your table? A type column for tasks vs events maybe? Or maybe you could separate dates and times into separate columns, and then use conditional formulas in a third column to either spit out a truncated date or spit out the actual date + time combined (in all cases adding that time zone adjustment)

Hey Nick,

Inputting “date” and “time” into different fields, then “filtering by a concatenate” field worked!

I also discovered that if the time value = 12:00am for my local time, made the row appear in the “all day” section of the calendar. (however, It appeared in the next day’s all-day section-- so required even more manipulation).

So it works, but as you prefaced, I lose the ability to drag/extend duration of tasks. So I may just wait for Coda updates before I implement this method into my main document. Oh well.

Many thanks for your guidance @Nick_HE.