How to notify a user based on due date

Hi all!

I want to put in a button that notifies a user when the button is clicked when the due date is past due. Since there are so many different projects, I’ve also been asked to have the notification reference the “key results” column.

For the code, I have:
IF(thisRow.Date <Today(),Notify(thisRow.[Driver 1],“You have an overdue task”),“”)

This code works great and sends the proper message, but I want to include the Key Result in the message. I tried referencing the cell using a & and then thisRow.[Key Results], but that gives me an error.

Thank you in advance!

A believe you should be able to achieve this using the concatenate formula to combine the message text and the key result field information:

IF(thisRow.Date <Today(),Notify(thisRow.[Driver 1],
concatenate(“You have an overdue task: ”, thisRow.[Key Results]),“”)

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