Notifying assignees with two notifications in the same message

[Calibration Tasks].filter(Status=“Incomplete” and [Due date]< Today()+30).ForEach(Assignee.Notify(currentvalue.Notifcation and CurrentValue.[Due date]))

This is my current setup, but I just get a “true” response due to the “and”. Anyone able to help me notify both the notification message and the due date?

Hi @Ryan_Lacey
Coda wont understand the syntax you’ve written. If you want to give several information in a notification, you must create a message with all information in it, and then just send the massage

For that you can use Concatenate("some display text:",info 1," other display text", info 2, etc...) or Format() function, that will work like Format("Tasks {1} has been completed at {2}, TaskName,DueDate)

Anyway, please share more informations/screenshot about your effective wish, cause at this point this is difficult to give you more help.



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