How to: opportunity solution tree

Here is some context about what I am trying achieve:
I am working on a product team for a software product, and we are using coda to store our product objectives, opportunities(problems), and solutions. Each of those entities has a relationship with one another. The opportunities map up to objectives, and the solutions map up to opportunities. In other words, one objective can have many opportunities, and one opportunity can have many solutions. One complicating factor to the equation is that one opportunity can have child opportunities and one opportunity can only have one parent opportunity.

I would like a way to visualize the relationship between the different entities(objective, opportunity, solution) in top to bottom flow chart. I am calling this an opportunity solution tree, which is a term coined in this blog post: Opportunity Solution Trees: Visualize Your Discovery to Stay Aligned and Drive Outcomes - Product Talk

there is a visual an opportunity solution tree in the article that can provide context. Please note I am calling outcomes (mentioned in the article) objectives

Some things I would like to achieve with the views are:

  • prioritize opportunities based on the objective that they are tied to
  • breakdown an opportunity into all of the component opportunities to simplify the problem that I am working on. I want to be able to visualize this in a view
  • see all the solutions that can be mapped to one opportunity

I have a table for objectives. I have a table for opportunities where an attribute of opportunities is the parent opportunity. I have a table for solutions where an attribute of the solution is the opportunity that it addresses.

One thing I have already tried to achieve the first two items above in the list of things I would like to achieve with the view is to group the opportunities by objective and tier where tier is formula to check if the opportunity has a parent opportunity. If that condition is false then it is a tier 1 opportunity. If that condition is true then check if the parent opportunity has a parent opportunity. If that condition is false then it is a tier 2 opportunity. Repeat for 6 tiers. Its certainly a little hacky.
Here is the visual:

It is pretty close to what I am looking for, but I am limited in my ability to filter out objectives, I cannot edit the opportunities since they are just showing as text, and there is a duplicate entry in the tier column because we cannot group on the text and the entity

Thinking this could be valuable for many product teams out there looking for a tool to collaborate on large software products

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