How to "save" data so loading time isn't SO SLOW?

I’m trying Coda, and a little hesitant as there’s no desktop app, and here’s on of the many reasons why I shy away from web apps: Every. Single. Time. that I load this page, it takes about a minute to load. If I’m scanning for visual information this is incredibly slow - even on a web browser the images could be cached and updated in the background. A desktop app would completely eliminate hiccups like these, but since that’s not available at the moment, is there a way to have Coda cache images and data somewhere so it’s not so slow?

HI Stephen,

I suggest that you contact the Coda support team via the question mark at the bottom right of your page. I have only seen such response time when I have had design/ build problems in my docs. Or when my ISP is not living up to its contract…

It might also have something to do with the fact that you seem to be opening at least 12 docs at the same time?


Those aren’t 12 docs, they’re 12 hyperlinks in a table. I imagine that Coda is fetching the web pages as an embed every time without caching them. (Which I guess is technically opening them like you said.) Things without embeds are much faster, but there’s still vey noticeable lag on many operations, which is probably.

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