How to SetControlValue to "Blank"?

Hi guys,

Using the SetControlValue button action on a select list: is there a way to set the value to “Blank”?

IsBlank() is not the solution, since the output of that is always true/false, not a value.

_noop() is not working either.

If I put blank between quotes (“blank”) it will display blank, but it is not the actual blank value. It is a value that just happens to be called blank if you know what I mean. Same as if I would put “whatever” in quotes, it would display “whatever”. I want it to display the greyed out “blank” value that’s always part of a select list.

So long story short: how to reference “blank” ?

Hi @Bas_de_Bruijn

That seems to work , with jus SetControlValue(your_control,"")


Is that working for you ?



Yaasss! I should have thought of that…

Thanks @Quentin_Morel! :pray:

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Be my guest @Bas_de_Bruijn , sometimes we need external little help to have a wider vision :wink: Enjoy !


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