How to trigger a button when pressing enter in a text box?

My goal is to be able to press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard while in a text box and have that trigger a button. Which RunActions(…)

A good example of this is in GPT4 like chatbot I made but the use case exists in a lot of situations:
Idle 2023-11-02 T12.23.49.683

Does anyone have any suggested solutions?

I’m quite interested in this as well, for the same reason.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s currently any way to accomplish this.
Even developing a custom Pack I believe is out of the question because Coda Packs don’t support tracking keyboard events.

I believe the best (somewhat clunky) short term solution is to set up an automation to press the button whenever the row changes.

When a user presses enter, they will “save” the text in the text box. This will then trigger the action. But this also means that if the user changes the text then clicks outside the textbox, it will also trigger the automation, so this isn’t an ideal solution.

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