How would you take Coda in production => Bill of Materials (BoM)

Hi there,

I have created a basic draft to be used in a company producing goods.
In my simplified fake case, 2 simple items are listed in a Bill of Materials (BoM), that is for each product unique and always will come back.

On a motherboard it can easily contain > 2000 unique items for 1 PCB, missing 1 piece could mean production can’t start!

1 table is made from 1 table top and 4 legs
1 bar stool is made from 1 seat and 3 legs

When produced, the ready products go to the product warehouse.

As you can imagine, the “items warehouse” needs to have a certain amount in stock to be able to start to produce an “X” amount of products, not to stop production.

But that will come in V2 :thinking:

My Question:

Do you have experience with warehouse management in production, can you suggest any other approaches that are blind spots for me? At a later stage also from a design point of view as this doc should transform to an APPLICATION.

My idea for this project:

I ( with your input) want to make several versions with different road-maps and complexity and share them in the community and or as templates *I will also do my very best to add the necessary explanations *

We might also try to work with more people on the doc development :thinking:
Just as an experiment as to my personal feeling makers are NOT working in a team so far! :busts_in_silhouette:

Edit: I forgot to add the sample for what I am questioning feedback :worried:

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i don’t fully understand what is your question … I have made a production system in Coda.

Dear @Johg_Ananda,

Seemed that I was too much in a hurry and didn’t embed the example.

I am looking for feedback of the approach and suggestions.
If you are able / willing to share your sample would be great :thinking:

OK that was helpful. thanks for sharing. What do you mean by:

The current layout and structure is as a classic doc.

In the future, I want to hide most of it at the ‘backend’ and the frontend should become appealing like an app

I’ve been working on mine for 6 years. There is a lot to it. Not sure about ‘other approaches that are blindspots’ in my experience there are plenty, but they will become obvious to your approach as you build. Also, the complexity of a production system, due to the number of items being tracked, may quickly approach Coda’s limits. This has required met to spider the system in to several cross docs.

As intuitive as it may be that there is a singular way to make something, there are lots of approaches - the best of which will be adaptive to the thing being manufactured.

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Hi @Johg_Ananda,

Sorry for the rather personal question, it means that you have yourself a production facility?

Yes, obviously it’s not possible to have all production stages in a single doc. I have been building different apps, not only in Coda to take care of different aspects of business and interaction with workers.

For the time being, you are the only interactive community member on this post. I hoped for more feedback and or direction.

I will continue to develop some next versions, and create an overarching doc to explain the development process and publish them to see if there is interest.

Always great to learn from your input :pray:

This was the essence of my point - so you have to identify which stage provides the most leverage for you, and then think of the architecture you’ll need to scale and support that ‘stage’. Once that is built you can elaborate on the app. Does that make sense?

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