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Hi Community,

Here’s another doc I wanted to share with you!

I’ve built many inventory systems for my own company and for other people, and I frequently ran into complications. Finally, I think I’ve found a pattern that makes for a great starting point, so I wanted to share my inventory superpowers with the community :slight_smile:

Reach for this template whenever you need to keep track of items that contain sub-items.

Here’s a loom that gives you an intro to the doc:

Intro to Item Schema - Watch Video

If you’d like to use it yourself and add it to your arsenal of templates, you can find it here:


Dear @Connor_McCormick1,

A great showcase with the :sandwich:, so everybody can understand that when creating your :sandwich:, the items you use are part of the whole and the :sandwich: itself can be part of a meal and the meal can be part of a picknick basket.

By adding the cost if each item, you can easily calculate the costs it will bring towards the whole sandwich. In the same manner you could add the calories of each item, weight of each item, allergic info.

At the items table, can be added columns to keep control on the amounts you want to have/keep in stock with minimum and maximum stock levels for each item, depending on the delivery times, sales volume expectations, expire date (in case of food) and budget you want/can assign to your stock.

In many industries is used the term “Bill of Materials” (BoM)

:trophy: I am sure that many community members, like me, appreciate your practical sample :trophy:

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Boom, that’s the word I was looking for, BOM. Thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets

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