Hyperlink Buttons for View-Only Collaborators

Quick question (hopefully).

I’ve been transitioning a document with 70+ collaborators from adding input into tables to using forms, thus allowing me to move to view-only for the vast majority of those users. Wonderful, works like an absolute charm.

My current hurdle is taking my button that used to add rows and swap it out with a hyperlink button to go to the form.

Currently, the hyperlink button is unavailable / disabled to View Only users. Is there a way around this?

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As you can see here, a hyperlink url works just fine and is clickable. The button above it is a hyperlink button and is disabled. This is purely aesthetics (and I made some documentation that I don’t want to have to update :smiley: )

Any help is appreciated!


** EDIT **
Switching the tag to Suggestion Box, as it seems like this is currently not possible.

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This is currently not possible unfortunately (as far as I know)
I would really appreciate if coda will enable pushing buttons for doc viewers #suggestionbox

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