I am trying to get a product multiple time

hello Guys, I am currently stuck, I have a prize database for a students, however I am unable to create select the same prize, multiple times for the same students.

So lets say chris won a prize and I want to gift him a pen twice, I cant do that.
Kindly help!


Hey Victoria! Can you share a screenshot please? As much as you can share would be helpful!



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Hey there!
I suggest creating an additional table called student prizes, with single-select columns student and prize :slight_smile:

Here is how it looks

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i have done this, You can check the picture there

No no, only allow a single row selection for the prize, so if a student receives multiple prizes then you create an additional row in Student Points table

P.S: You should also create a table for students, and use that instead of the text in Name. It looks like you should also store Age, Points Earned and Points Remaining in this new Students table