I need help with tables, subtables, and linking to make a TV Show/Movie database using the IMDb pack


I’m brand new to Coda, and a long time user of notion. I’m trying to better understand Coda and how the links between tables work. I thought making a Movie/TV Database would be a fun way to start this, but I’m running into some issues.

I’ve created a table for movies and a table for TV shows, and I’ve used the IMDb pack to pull in the information. Ideally I would like to input the title of a TV Show or movie and have the other tables, like genre and streaming services, and industry players would link back to the movies/TV shows table to display all related movies/shows in the sub table.

The issues I’m having…

Industry Players Table
I made this table by changing the column type of the Starring column to a select list and then selecting create a new table.

  • I would think that when new TV show is added with Stars that aren’t already on the list then it would add a record for that new star. It currently does not add a new record, though it does still show the star in the column.
  • When I used this same process for the movies, new options were not created.
  • Filter for TV shows was working as it, but then it just quit working. TV Shows and movies are no longer showing under the Industry player in their respective columns.
  • Why does making the columns Stars/.Genres/Steam lookups to the respective table go from a pill with addtnl info to plain text?
  • I would like to have this table add actors/actresses and directors/creators from both the tv show and movies table to all add rows to the Industry Players table.

Streaming Services Page - Netflix Sub Page

  • I can not figure out how to get this to filter to the streaming service for the life of me.


  • I would love to have one table for both movies and TV, but I don’t know how I can make this work with the IMDb pack.
  • I would like to make subtables of the Companies and Networks too.
  • I would also be interested to know if I can use the seasons column’s metadata to calculate the number of episodes in a series.

I really appreciate your help or advice on any of these issues. I’m super excited to learn Coda so I can move all of my business task/project planning to Coda.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Tanya_Davis ! Thanks so much for reaching out here in Community. It looks like we’re unable to view the doc you’re embedded in your post. Would you mind adjusting your sharing settings please so we can take a look?

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Hi @Shaina_Torgerson, sorry about that. This is my first time sharing a doc. I think I fixed it.

I have made quite a bit of progress on the doc. I have been able to get the actors/actresses/creators/directors/writes all into one creators table with an automation. I’m attempting to use the same automation for the streaming services table. The automation used on the creators table doesn’t create a duplicate, but when I do the same thing for streaming services it creates a new row everytime without looking for duplicates.

I would like to have the creatives table lookup to the tv show and movies database to show the shows/movies that someone has starred in that are in my doc. For some reason this either returns all or nothing no matter what I try to do.

I would also like to know how to remove the brackets from empty search results like we see in these columns.

I would love to have TV Shows and Movies filter into the same table. Is this possible?

How can I ensure the add tv show and add movie buttons don’t allow duplicates to be added?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hey Tanya, super cool doc! It looks like we still can’t dive into your doc’s components since it’s view-only. Do you mind trying to adjust your sharing settings again so it’s editable? If you’d prefer, please feel free to reach out to support directly so one of our customer champions can follow up on this with you.

Hey @Jasmine_B, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong in the sharing settings. From what I can see anyone should be able to copy the doc and edit it.

Hey Tanya! Changing the settings to “anyone with the link can edit” (rather than view) should ensure we have editing access :grinning:

Hey @Jasmine_B ,

I updated the settings. I figured people would copy the doc and then edit so multiple don’t end up making changes and overriding the other person’s changes.

Thanks, Tanya! The formulas set up on your Stream page look like they should work, but the Stream columns on your database pages doesn’t look like it’s pulling any data. I’d recommend taking a look at this doc that has examples using the IMDB pack — there’s a couple of tables that look to do precisely what you’re working on: Movie() Formula · IMDB+ Pack: Getting Started

For your question about preventing duplicates, using the the AddOrModifyRows() function should work, so if a match is found the row will be modified rather than adding a new one.

Hope that helps :grinning:

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