"IF" True, = True

Working on a function in a table that I can’t seem to figure out.

Essentially I have a a table with (8) rows, 2 of the, being (NA) and (ALL).

What I want is, when the NA check button is clicked, it automatically make the (ALL) button checked off.

Hey Erik! Any chance you can share an example or dummy doc here in the community? Much easier to see and provide help that way!

So I want to write a formula for this;


In rows 1-3, when all is complete, the row turns red “in my situations it will be filtered out”

When I click on the “Not Applicable” I want it to check of the “All Complete”

Still a little unclear on exactly what you are looking for, but could you just run a row-changed automation that looks something like:

When: row-changes in HouseAddress.NotApplicable
if: step1Result = true
then: modifyRows(step1Result, allComplete, true)

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Here is the document

If my assumption is right All Complete is a column with a formula that checks it off if all the others are checked off? If that is true then you cannot check that field without checking the others first. If, my assumption is wrong and you manually check the All Complete field, then the automation route should work.

Back to my first assumption. If your All Complete is indeed a formula then you just need to tweak your formula. Example: If((1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4) or NA, true, false)

The longer version would be If((1 = true AND 2 = true AND 3 = true AND 4 = true) OR NA = true,true,false)

Sorry @Erik_Andersson1 !

Lost track of this one - I’ve implemented the working automation in your doc as described above, and here is a screenshot of the logic and flow!

Great think that’ll work. thanks

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