I'm confused about this filter

I have created a filter that isn’t acting like I thought it would. As you can see from this screenshot, the filter is supposed to NOT include Freq: Resource, but it is. Can you see what I’m doing wrong?

Dear @Mary_Going ,

It would be great if you put your question under “ask the community”, thanks :pray:

You filter with “AND”, meaning that all conditions have to be met to be filtered out. Only one of the conditions NOT met, means it will not be taken out.

When you share a dummy sample the community members responding will be able to give you hands on support, without requiring them to build a new sample.

When trouble shooting, I recommend to check step by step the filter to see at what stage the results don’t meet your expectations, to be more easy to identify the error and potentially to find a solution.

Math isn’t neither my strongest skill :sunglasses:

Ok. Thanks for the tips.