Image uploading is too slow

I have uploaded images less than 1MB, but the upload is never completed.
Loading icons don’t disappear. (I waited for at least 5 mins.)

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Sometimes for whatever reason you have to cut the image (highlight and ctrl+x) and then paste again (ctrl+v), then it will work.

There is no difference on that method for me.

And sometimes it failed to uplaod the image files with non-alphabetic character name.

Same here. I have problems adding images. Often it don’t finish the upload. The pictures are about 100kb

Dear @Changjun_Lim and @Mischka, welcome to the community.

Good that you report, but as the functionality is still in Beta, the chance for bugs or functionality issues remains still higher then when it’s released.

Let’s hope that the engineers soon will get this feature stable, as we all love it!

uploading images is not a beta thing it’s been here for a while. Attaching files is beta, but that’s different.

They are just trying to upload an image to the coda canvas, which should work. I think that this was a bug and it was detected and fixed!

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Agreed, uploading times are totally unacceptable. Files less than 1MB taking forever for me too.

Whenever I use an iPhone, image upload is a pain. Sometimes it fails completely. It doesn’t matter if if I’m using an iPhone 8 or 11.
On the other hand, Android phones doesn’t seem to have this issue. I have a Oneplus 7 pro and I upload lots of pictures. I works just fine. It’s not as fast as I wished but it’s way better then using an iPhone.