Cannot see any Image files on table

I have set the column type as an image(not image URL) and successfully uploaded image files.

But when I click the image files, I cannot see any image files.

Only ‘Scanning for malware’ animation is working and it shows ‘Preview unavailable’ text.

Screenshot_2021-03-11 AHAM(1) Screenshot_2021-03-11 AHAM

I am also seeing this issue. The person who uploaded the image can see it fine, but I see the “scanning for malware” and “preview unavailable” messages. This happens on both mobile and desktop.

I am also experiencing this issue. It’s happening with both Image and File column types.
Can the coda team please advise on how to resolve this? We’re basically on hold and can’t get around this.

Seeing this issue as well, but it’s for any photo in a doc, not just in a table.

Did we get any further information on this issue? I am seeing the same which is making submissions to our new ideas list very hard to interpret…the attachment is a key feature of an idea submission!!

For the young players (like me)…it seems as though the ability to view the file takes some time. After about 10mins, they display correctly.