Images into tables

New guy here, so problems! I’m trying to create a TRX exercises database.

I have 2 tables till now. The first one has columns like exercise name, body focus, body focus images, and others. The second one has only body focus and body focus images. The reason i create the second one is that i plan to use it in other sections in the future. The second table is fully complete with values, like chest and chest img for body focus and body focus images columns respectively. btw i just copy and paste the images from coda images that appears in the sections.

now I want a formula in the first table (column 3=body focus images) that when i have in (column 2=body focus) again in the first table to appear the image from the second table.

@Efthymios_Antoniou thanks for asking! Can you share your doc (embed it here or share it with - it will make it much easier for us to help you. We can then post the resolution here.