Import ONLY the date from a table to a canvas

I have a date column and I want to pull a value from that column and put it into a canvas but it’s not bringing just the date. The time is coming with it. Any way to manipulate this value so I am receiving only the date value and not the time as well?

If you’re pulling from a “Date and Time” formatted column, you can use ToDate() as long as you have it pulling the value from only one Row.

[Table].[Date and Time Column].First().ToDate()

Here, First() pulls the first date and time listed, then ToDate() takes only the date.

So I tried the formula above and it takes the Date, but it’s the same date down the entire table? Same if I did it with the Time (ToTime()) field, same all the way down? Any ideas? I was thinking the First() was pulling from the very first calendar appointment, but it’s not. It’s pulling from two days ago, which I think is when I created the form and connected the calendar.