Importing database loses all rich text formatting?

I’ve tried using the Notion importer, I’ve tried copy/pasting, but I can’t get my tables with rich text fields to import and maintain their rich text formatting. Is this not possible in Coda?

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Hopefully the pack makers @Glenn_Jaume_1 and @noah will be able to advice you

Hey @Brenna_Stuart, welcome to the community! And thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets for looping me in. The Notion Importer should handle nearly all rich text formatting possible in Notion, so you may have encountered a bug. Can you contact our support team so we can help figure out what is going wrong? Thanks!


Hi @noah - I reached out to them as well, but I haven’t heard back with an answer to this. It’s a bummer because it’s the main thing keeping me from completely switching to Coda.

I’ll make suer someone is looking into it @Brenna_Stuart!

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Update: This bug has been resolved. :tada:

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