Importing HTML? (aka switching from LegendKeeper)

Hey folks!
I’m looking to switch from LegendKeeper (LK) to Coda. LK is a Notion-like personal knowledge management system designed specifically for worldbuilding and TTRPG data. I have a whole campaign’s worth of pages in it, all text because LK didn’t support relations or database-type data (a major reason for switching). LK can be exported into HTML or JSON.

I’m looking for approaches I could try for transitioning my data.

Hey @Heidi_Jugovic,

YES! Love this! Welcome to Coda. I currently use Coda for all my TTRPG stuff, so I think you’ll love it. Here is a great doc on the gallery of some of the stuff our very own Maria and I built for some games we were playing!

As for getting your data out of LegandKeeper the easiest way may be to just copy and past the data into the doc as we typically have the import as a CSV, or from other software. Also, feel free to reach out to support in your doc if you run into any hurdles (or nat 1’s)

Happy Gaming!


Great to meet you! I saw your video and your doc, and am glad there are more TTRPGers here :slight_smile:
If there’s anything going on in that domain on coda, I’d love to be involved. I figured copy/paste was going to be the answer, alas. It’s ok - I’ll just be selective about what I transfer. Thanks for the response!

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