Include a table in a collapsed header

I didn’t find if there is a way to include a table in a collapsed H2 header.

So far is possible to collapse a table OR collapse a header, but seems a table cannot be part of a collapsed header, just remains as his own collapsed content.

Was looking some posts this seemed possible with tables with no title, but so far seems every table need to have a title and so become an autonomous element.

Not at my laptop, but if you move the table right using tab, it should fold into any higher level collapse.

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This way is working thanks, even if seems it’s not straightforward: I select the table name, next drag and drop the table the very same position and next using tab allow me to fold in H2.
If I just select the table name and push Tab didn’t do anything.
Using Firefox last release if this is changing anything.

You need to select the whole table before you trab, just the name is ot sufficient.

Is possibile to do the opposite, so to demote a table outside a collapsed header.
Tried in many ways but I was not able to find the procedure.

HI David,


Each “block” in Coda has three little dots in front of them. Grab hold of that with your mouse, and drag the table out of the nested level.



Tried many times, seems it’s not working
It will be nested into another block, or just remains where it is, I can’t “demote it”

Dear @Davide_Z,

Just take care the header of the text block on top (for example H1) to be bigger than the header of the table below(for example H2)

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