@ing specific users with slack messages


I’ve setup a coda document to have a list of features. Those features have owners and then a testing state. When a tester marks the feature as passed testing a slack message is sent to our group channel saying that the given feature passed testing.

I’d like to @ the specific feature owners that are tied to that feature in Coda.

I already have a table of all our engineers and their unique slack handles. You can’t just input ‘@garrett’. So I figured that problem out but now I’m stuck on step 2. I need to take in the list of feature owners and add their unique slack handles to the concatenated message.

I’ve created an example of what our current document is like.

If anyone can assist with this I would greatly appreciate it!



Took a quick look at your doc and I think this formula should do that you are looking for -
This is for Design Testing -
Concatenate(thisRow.[Feature Name]," on MUT “,thisRow.[MUT Number],” has passed Design Testing “, FormulaMap(Owners.Filter(thisRow.[Feature Owner(s)].Contains(People)).[Slack Handle].ListCombine(), RegexReplace(CurrentValue,”@" ," @" )))

This looks a little crazy
FormulaMap(Owners.Filter(thisRow.[Feature Owner(s)].Contains(People)).[Slack Handle].ListCombine(), RegexReplace(CurrentValue,"@" ," @" )

But what I am doing is Filtering the Owners table to get the slack handles for the people in this row.
The result is a list of handles.
I use Listcombine to make it a string.
Then RegexReplace to add space between the handles.

Hope this works and helps!


Thanks Mallika!

That worked perfectly :smile: