Instagram Hashtag Wall in under 5 minutes

a quick tutorial on how to create an Instagram Hashtag Wall using Zapier and Coda Packs. It can help you screen Instagram posts around a specific hashtag, e.g. your brand name or your current campaign.

I will use the hashtag #zipfer, which is one of the biggest Austrian beer brands, owned by Heineken and one of the brands I’m frequently working for. The hashtag wall helps me to keep track of user activites around the brand on Instagram.

Choose a doc and install Instagram Pack
Create a new doc or use an existing one, where you want to have the wall.

Install the Instagram pack.

Create a new table and give it a name. I named it aftermy desired hashtag #zipfer. Name the first colum ‘URL’, remove the other default columns and add “Instagram -> Media”.

In the newly generated column, enter =URL

Add columns for all Information that you want on your wall by clickin on the Instagram icon in the column header and switch to the tap “Add columns”. I added the image and the author name.

Add a new column and choose “Row Properties -> created on” as column type. Sort the table by this column ‘descending’.

I also added two buttons “Delete” and “Open” in preperation for the upcoming mobile feature of Coda.

To try out if everything is working, paste the url to an Instagram post into the url column. You can also use this url to see my pet elephants.

Set up Zapier
Login to your Zapier account or create a new one.

Create a new zap and choose Instagram as your trigger. Connect to your Instagram account and follow the steps.

On some point, you have to choose your hashtag. I chose #zipfer and continued.

Now you can add the action. Search for Coda and add it as your action.

Choose “Create Row” and connect with your Coda account.

Choose your document and table and set the right data field (should be “link”) for the column “URL”. Leave the rest blank and continue.

Run the test. It should be successful and after a couple of seconds, you should have your first entry in you Hashtag wall.

If you want, you can add more actions in Zapier like Slack notification, or do that with Coda Packs later :sunglasses:

Give your Zap a name and slide the final button.

Clean up table
For a cleaner look you can remove the column headers, the footer labels and filter out some columns. Here is my final result:

Now you can dance and wait for new posts. While you wait you can follow me on Instagram :wink:

Additional Notes:

  • The zap will try pull in new posts every 15 minutes. Every single post that got pulled in counts as one executed “Task” so check your plan.
  • As soon as images work in Cards or get bigger in Carousel, you can make it more beautiful.
  • The Instagram pack is not working proper with “Mutli Image posts”
  • I’ve just set it up on my own and haven’t done any long-term testing. I used some famous hashtags like #love for testing and it worked fine.
  • Let me know if you cross some problems!

This is awesome, would love to turn this into a template for the gallery :+1:


Ah, looks like Instagram Deprecated the New Tagged Media Trigger :confused:

This was a great idea… especially if paired with a button voting system to allow social media teams to vote on their favorite posts (to repost, plan engagements, etc.)

Great thinking.