Introducing a brand new “Meet Coda” video

If anyone deserves a front-row seat to the premiere of our new “Meet Coda” video, it’s our incredible community! You can check it out here:

We know sometimes it can be tough to quickly explain to other people what exactly Coda is and how it works, and we hope this video helps you share the Coda mission with more folks who ought to join the Maker Generation. Tip: This pairs nicely with your custom referral link, and can help you earn Coda credit.

Thanks for inspiring us to invest in over 100 product updates this past year. The best is yet to come.


That video is amazing! Very visually compelling. Great job!

Who made it?? :slight_smile: @maria good job!!


Great job! Really awesome!

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This is really good. Has a narrative, shows a lot of features, looks good. Great job! I have been struggling to get all this across in demos, but this video will be a super useful tool in starting to get buy-in from the whole org. Thanks!

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Great effort, guys!
The sharing experience could really use this improvement.

Great video! Way to go!