Inventory Checkout


Continuing a conversation @Joey was having with me about making an inventory checkout tracking system in Coda.

I have put all of the basics into a single section, but you can spread them out as needed. To walk through them:

Inventory Table: This table tracks all your items. In my example, the Quantity column is how many the hypothetical company has of an item, and the Available column is how many people can still checkout.

Item Select: This is the dropdown button for selecting the item to be checked out.

Slider: This let’s people select how many items they want to checkout.

Checkout Button (Green Button): This button just pushes two other buttons that do all the magic. Also, it is disabled (i.e. unclickable) if the quantity to be checked out is less than 1, or if the quantity to be checked out exceeds the amount available.

Log Button: This button logs the user who checked out, when they hit checkout, the item being checked out, and how many got checked out.

Remove Available Button: This button reduces the amount available of the item by the amount checked out.

Note The Log and Remove buttons are not directly pressed - the user only needs to hit the Checkout button.

Log Table: Records everything captured by the Log Button.

Additional Points:

  • I don’t love the scale, but outside of table’s cell, inputting a custom number doesn’t seem easy or possible to do (versus selecting one from a list).

  • There is a lot more that can be done to make this prettier and add additional UI cues (e.g. informing the user that the item can’t be checked out because none is available).

  • Putting this into a thread so that others may benefit, but also because plenty of users have likely done this and have better ideas than mine.