Invoicing and delivery address

Hi all

I have 2 questions, the first is:

I have created an invoice table, I now need to be able to print it in A4 and email / post it to the client. In Airtable there was an extra product called block which allowed me to do this, how can I get something visual together that populates with my tables data?

My second question is:

9 times out of 10, the clients delivery address and office address are the same but sometimes I need to change the delivery address. On my old CRM, I was able to click a button that said copy address and it would copy that address otherwise I would manually fill the contents, Any ideas how I could do this?


For question 1, page layout in Coda leaves a bit to be desired, I’m not sure there’s a good way to do what you’re asking.

For question 2, what I personally would do is have three ‘address columns’: ‘Invoice Address’, ‘Deliver To Address’, and ‘Final Delivery Address’.

The 'Final Delivery Address ’ would be a formula: If([Deliver To Address].isBlank(), [Invoice Address], [Deliver To Address])

That way, no need to mess around with copy paste: if your ‘deliver to’ is blank, it defaults to the invoice address.


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Do you think it’s best to add the address to one column or have a column for each part of the address?

I see pros and cons to both.

Having one single column allows the form to be simple, having multiple columns for the address allows me to track the customer based on location.

Unless it’s possible to use find and
take the information out and use it that way?

It’s up to you really. If you think reporting down to the country/state/whatever level will be useful to you, then capture that info in your form. Trying to parse it out of a longer text field will be difficult.